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COVID-19 Arrangements

Protecting my clients

I have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 since early April 2021 and also test for COVID-19 twice per week along with my whole family. This is to ensure that whilst all the adults in my home have been vaccinated, we are not unknowingly carrying the virus.

When providing counselling from my counselling room, face-to-face I ensure that:

  1. The room is cleaned thoroughly with antiseptic chemicals and aired prior to and after each counselling session.

  2. I clean and sanitise my hands and don a mask prior to entering the counselling room.

  3. Encourage my clients to clean and sanitise their hands and if able, to put on a mask prior to entering the building.

Supporting the NHS

Previously involved in the care industry I am aware of the strain on mental health that the pandemic is  putting on many of you involved in healthcare. To support this I am offering a 20% discount on the first six sessions for nurses or doctores who work for the NHS. I also offer discounts to those who have recently (last 5 years) or currently serve in the armed forces.