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Types of counselling

I offer several types of counselling that reflect the individual needs of clients, the types of counselling I offer are:


Perhaps the more traditional type of counselling where we will meet face-to-face  in a secure, confidential, yet comfortable environment from my counselling room located in my home. Working from home enables me to provide flexible session times with both day and evening appointments available. 


I am able to offer both video and telephone counselling to clients who feel this platform may suit their needs, or those who are unable to access counselling in person. I have been trained and I am certified to provide a professional and knowledgeable counselling service using these platforms at a time when face-to-face counselling is difficult to access, and where technology is used increasingly in society.


Is for those clients who feel they may wish to have therapy whilst connecting with nature, in a way similar to face-to-face but without the confines of the therapy room. Being outdoors can have the benefit of increasing wellbeing, lowering anxiety, and reducing stress, whilst facilitating physical exercise.


If you are unable to get to me due to mobility or mental health issues and live within a 10-mile radius of Chippenham, I  offer home visits.

If any of the counselling services detailed here are of use, please contact me for more information and we can discuss further.

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