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We never know what life is going to throw our way. At times it can feel daunting, scary, overwhelming or confusing. We can all face difficulties - relationship issues, loss of sense of purpose, bereavement - and these life issues can sometimes provoke difficult emotions and feelings, feelings we cannot face alone but we may feel unable to share with those close to us.

Counselling offers a safe, secure and confidential space in which you can be listened to in a non-judgemental and empathetic way, allowing you to process these feelings with the support of another individual so you don't feel alone.

Further, counselling allows you to find your inner strength and resources to face the problems and find a way forward allowing you the chance to unite with the person you wish to discover, to shine light and meaning on difficult life experiences.

If you believe any of these relate to you and your current experience and after reading about me feel I could support you in your journey, then please contact me to arrange an initial appointment so that we can journey together. 

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